BikeRadar Active Syncs With Strava

By Admin - 24 Apr 2013.

Members can now log rides by syncing their BikeRadar Active training diary with their Strava account. All you need to do is login to BikeRadar and then enter your Strava login details here. Each time you log into BikeRadar Active* your training diary will automatically sync with Strava and bring in any new rides found.

How often can I sync my BikeRadar training diary with  Strava?*

The system is able to sync with your Strava every 12 hours. If you login to BikeRadar multiple times during the same day, the system will not re-sync every time you login - 12 hours must have passed since your last sync.

What data will be imported from Strava?

The Strava API (Application programming interface) will currently allow us to import ride date and time of day, moving time, ride distance and a route.

It WON’T let us import other data including cadence, HRM and power although we understand that there are further improvements that Strava is making to its API (Application programming interface) which we are hoping may allow us to bring over this additional data in time.

For now, if this information is important to you, we would recommend that you continue to add rides into BikeRadar by uploading activities directly from a Garmin device or importing a TCX/FIT file for example. For a full list of devices and files the system accepts, login and click here.

How many of my archive activities will be brought over into BikeRadar?

The system is currently able to import your last 50 rides. We understand that there are further improvements that Strava is making to its API (Application programming interface) which we are hoping may allow us to bring over all of your historical rides.

Please note, the first time you run the Strava sync, this may take some time to complete to import all 50 rides. Please be patient!

Will rides imported from Strava duplicate with the same rides I have already uploaded into Bikeradar?

No, this shouldn’t happen. We check before we import a Strava activity and if we see a ride that has a matching date and time of day, we won’t import it. If however, you have subsequently manually changed any of these parameters in an activity already uploaded into Bikeradar, the system will not be able to recognise that it’s a duplicate. If this happens, all you need to do is go into your training diary, find the duplicate activity and delete it.

Can I turn off my Strava sync once I have set it up?

Yes, just go here and untick the appropriate box.

Will the sync work if I use Facebook Connect to login to Strava?

Unfortunately not. It will only work for those members who log into Strava using Strava's own login system which requires the use of an email address and password.

What should I do if I experience a problem?

Firstly, refer to the FAQ's. If you still need help, then simply raise a Helpdesk ticket.

GPX Imports

In addition to the new sync with Strava, the BikeRadar Active system is now able to accept GPX file imports when you add an activity. Please note that with a GPX file there is typically only one start / finish time detailed within the file. The system cannot know if there is any lapsed time included in your ride – if you do have a ride that includes lapsed time, then this can be corrected by manually editing your ride time once you have uploaded your GPX file.

It’s never been easier to upload rides into BikeRadar Active and enter the monthly ride challenges.

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  1. I would like to switch the strava auto sync off, would anyone know how to do that?
  2. Seems flaky to me too. It's missed 3 out of 8 rides so far this week.
  3. It caught my first two rides with Strava, but now it's showing 0 activities. Bummer.
  4. I've found the syncing very 'hit and miss' at best :o(

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