The Chilterns Challenge

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Chiltern Challenge 100km
02 Sep 2012
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TYPE OF RIDE: Circular off road MTB ride with plenty of singletrack.

DIFFICULTY RATING: Depends on distance and speed ridden – the twisty singletrack gets more challenging the faster you ride and 100km will test even the best riders.

WHEN: Sunday 2nd September

APPROXIMATE START TIMES: 8-10am / FINISH: ALL riders must be back by 5pm.

WHERE: Woodcote, Nr Reading, Oxfordshire / Berkshire – The heart of the Chilterns. In the village hall, in the centre of the village

DISTANCE(S): 100 / 75 / 50 / 25 km’s (but not a 25km circuit).

NOTE: There will also be a 10km route for families. Just buy 1 ticket for the whole family.

WHY DO THE RIDE: The Chilterns can be difficult to explore by yourself, but the routes are signed and you can challenge yourself with a big ride, knowing that we can collect you if it goes wheels up. You’ll get to ride some great singletrack trails, meet new riders and get hot showers and tea & cake at the end.

NOTE: The village hall is in the recreation grounds, right next to the Children’s playground. Bike-widows, non-cyclists and families are welcome to come and go, using the facilities at the village hall throughout the day.

WHAT BIKE: A hardtail (front suspension only) bike is absolutely fine for this area, as the trails are mostly flowing singletrack with rooty sections. However the long distance and numerous rooty sections easily justifies bringing a full suspension bike if you have the choice, for an easier time on your bum.

WHAT TYRES: Good fast, all round tyres with rounded edges work well on this terrain when dry. If it’s a bit wet though, some deeper and square edge treads are handy for the fast corners.

PRICE: £15.00 (but a few quid more for on the day entries). Please sign up before so we can get the quantity of ‘things’ right and rider numbers etc done.

NOTE: The routes share some of the same trails, with the shorter routes peeling off the longer ones as you go – it is not just one 25km loop repeated.

TOP TIP: It is fine to change the distance you are doing (up or down) on the day, and the option to continue on the 100km route comes at the 55km mark.

More info and sign up:

Woodcote, Nr Reading, Oxfordshire
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Chiltern Challenge 100km

Chiltern Challenge 100kmChiltern Challenge 100km

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