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What apps are people using to log their rides and are any better than others??


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    I have a dedicated cycle computer to record my rides (Garmin Edge 500), but to track your rides on your phone you should look at either Strava, RunKeeper or Endomondo. Strava has the added benefit of "Segments" which allows you challenge others over defined sections of road / trail etc. so can be good if you struggle for motivation.  Once your rides have been sync'd from your phone you would have to log in to the corresponding website and download the .TCX file for the ride - I think all 3 sites/apps mentioned above have support for this. This .TCX can then be uploaded to BikeRadar for paricipation in challenges etc.

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    Garmin computers are so much better than phone apps. You can use a garmin edge 500 for speed cadence and heart rate as well as power. It pays to have a garmin. 

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    Strava is great if you are the competative type. You can race all the other racers in your area. I run a Garmin 800 and Runkeeper on my phone at the same time. Runkeeper has an option for live tracking, this allows my wife to know where I am at any given time. I am not sure if other apps have that feature because once you have data in an app, you tend to stick with it. 

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    endomondo does live tracking.

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    I use MapMyRide - does everything I want it to do.  GPS tracking, competitive routes, other peoples maps, climb gradients etc.  The app was £2.99 for mapmyride+ which is much better than the hundreds a Garmin costs for me.  I wouldn't pay for the pro version though.

    Only problem is battery life for my phone on long rides but I've bought a booster battery and it's now good for 100 miles+ provided you keep an eye out for it running down the 1st tiem.

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    My tracks  (not really the same as 3 above)



    I beleive these are the best ones, each having some ups and downs and its up to user to try and decide wich is best for you. There are many others that have similar functionality.







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    I like Garmin Fit for Android paired with Ant+ HR Monitor and cadence/speed sensor.  

    And at £3,99 a lot cheaper than a garmin Edge unit.

    I also use Viewranger which has Buddy Beacon, same as live tracking,

    The Garmin Fit App has the capablilty but incurrs a subscription cost

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    Before I got my Garmin I used Sportstracker and was very satisfied, had no problems with it but the garmin is much better and easier to work with.

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    Hmm, so I tried Strava for the first time today since it seems to be the app favoured by most real riders.  Got to say I'm quite impressed and it's a much more realistic assessment of my cycling ability.  I'm king of the mountatain on several local climbs on Map My Ride - but that's with only a few contenders.  On Strava I am typically halfway down the field of 200+ riders.  That's much more like it!

    I think I might convert to Strava properly now...

    (It's better on the old iphone battery than MMR too)

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