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December Challenge Update

It's time for an update to see who's on track to win. The group now boasts 246 riders, many of whom have already logged the 12 separate rides (of at least 10 miles each) required to put them in the draw to win one of 12 prizes.

One of this month's two spot contests comes in the form of the longest ride challenge, with a prize going to the 12 Rides of Christmas rider who logs the longest individual ride distance (GPS entries only). 

 Currently, the longest ride recorded in December was uploaded by p crawford who posted a respectable 102.9 mile outing on 16 December. Once again, this battle is not yet won, and if anyone thinks they can outdo p crawford's upload then be sure to enter the group and prove it. We are also aware that another member manually logged a ride of 120 miles on 8 December - so if this is you and you have a GPS file, upload it now to take pole position!

 We're also offering one more chance to win this month in a seperate spot challenge. Love your bike more than your family?! Prove it – get out there and log a ride on Christmas Day or Boxing Day. Everyone who completes more than 15 miles on 25 or 26 December will be entered into a prize draw. Thanks to meanredspider for the spot challenge idea.

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    I can not uploud the ride I had to factory re-set the Garmin after it froze 10 mile from home on that ride so lost all info, I've just loged 123 mile on the turbo, and did 105.7 on a GPS file on the  Sunday 16th, the last time I went to school 105.7 was more than 102.9.

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    hi 1tal - good to see your'e getting the miles in leading up to xmas! Rules is rules I'm afraid on this one and we can only pick the longest ride winner based on a gps file - have you not got the file to upload from your 105.7 mile ride on 16th Dec?

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    The competition hots up - 1tal's now posted a GPS ride of 110 miles.

    Who's going to take him on? How about a 120 miler on Xmas day and a chance to double up and take the Xmas day/boxing day spot prize too!

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    Thanks admin team, it was cool to see my name in lights in the update, got a lot of kudos locally.....


    Well done 1tal, I’ll maybe give your 110 miles a rattle to work off the 7000 odd calories I’ll pack in over Christmas day...enjoy the festivities.


    P.S. how do you stick the turbo for 123 miles? that's about a whole season of the West Wing in one session.....



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    Cheers p crowford, put training D.V.D's on and the time flys by. I like the turbo for all reasons why most people dislike them.

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