i have a light question for everyone

can anyone help, i bought what appears to be a cree xlm t6 bike light.

its pretty bloody amazing to say the least , its like a car head lamp or better.

have tried to re charge it but have no real instructions, does anyone here know or know anyone that knows the the charger indictor is ment to show when the cells ahave charged up.

i charged it over night and it died in about 3 mins. the indicator still showed red on the charger.

any advice would be appreciated.


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    Make sure that the leads are securely plugged together,from charger to battery pack,they make a secure *click*.The indicator will turn green once they are fully charged.

    I have the same light pack and I make sure that the light is fully discharged before charging.

    I agree a fantastic light for,"throw away",money just about.£38:00 from c&bseen @the begining of this past year.


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    My cree xlm t6 uses lithium-ion batteries which have no charge memory. Deep-discharge cycles are not required and even not recommended. Partial-discharge cycles should thus not be a problem. Concerning the charger, my one is also not switching to green while the charge indicators for lamps bought by friends does switch to green.

    "i charged it over night and it died in about 3 mins."  This never happens to me. As mentioned before check the contacts.

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    Double check that when you plug into to charge that it is plugged all the way in. My brother had similar "issue" with his light/battery. After trying different things with his light/battery and mine (both same light/battery) we noticed his charger had a tighter fit when plugging in the battery and that you had to push pretty hard to get it to "click" in.

    Good luck


  4. Thank you kindly gentlemen,

    I think I have resovled the issues, the contacts arent great.

    Checked the charger and yep pushing out a healthy 8.4vdc.

    However did buy a multicharger , and charged it on that, just turned the light on and leaving it for 15 mins to see if it did charge.

    We dont have drink driving here, so anytime after dark is crazy , that and everyone is driving american metal everywhere. mack trucks, big chevy's and lincoln's etc.

    That didnt work for toffee, indicator on rear of light just came on red :( will try everyones advice .

    Again , thank you all, have a good christmas and new year :)


  5. still not charging :(

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