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I like this one :)

I like this challenge, probably mainly because i like christmas! you can't spell christmas without chris (xmas doesnt count!)

how about a spot prize for the best xmas jumper pic out on a ride? or best decorated bike out on a ride?

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    I don't like Christmas, I will be on the bike doing big miles over the 3 days, it will be a 100+ miles on Christmas day.

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    you'll need a big turkey to come back to after that :)

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    I will have to stay out longer to mis the turkey, I'm a vegetarian.

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    Ah, me too! All the best people are veggie! So I get a good nut roast instead :-)
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    Me too, nut roasts all round.

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    these meat eaters don't know what they are missing out on!!

  7. i will have to work all over christmas so will be the commute everyday. my nitgrogen loadings pretty much stop the hard sessions.

    all ready had one bend in my head this year, caused paralasis down right side, better now mind.

    i will be eating vegies with my turkey, i eat well most of the times so i can pig out at times like crimbo :)

    work with 2 vegans and a vegie and they have shown me how good raw can be, still like my meat mind :)


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    We try to eat as less meat as possible

    so from last saturday on I have to work for 21 days (7early 7 nights and 7 late shifts) On Christmas and Newyear our boss is paying our dinners so with the collegues we can have a little "party" I'll guess there are others  who have to work too 

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    Meat all the way!

  10. i got ht with 7's last 6 months in the royal navy, 7 am to 7 pm for 7 days then swing about 7 pm to 7 am for 7 days, 2 weeks off, those were happy days :)

    sucks over crimbo mind.

    wishing everyone the very best for crimbo and the new year, spin safe everyone :)

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