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Just what I needed

This is just what I needed to stop me driving to work and riding a little further as my ride to work is only 5 miles. i have a 10.5 miles route now and look forward to doing some miles on Boxing day. Fingers crossed for good cycling weather. 

  1. Monday morning was a 15-mile snow-fest and the ride home was mostly in slush. Last night was just pure ice from re-frozen melt water. Ice tyres are earning their keep and my legs are getting used to 31 miles a day on a knobbly-shod MTB

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    no snow here in Surrey. Just a bit chilly. I'm pleased as my mountain bike is a bit an old bone shaker and my road bike wouldn't cope. 

  3. Snowed here again on top of the ice. But I need to take the car today - thank goodness for the winter tyres!

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    spoke to soon, it's snowing! 

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    I am with danny7060 my normal comute is just over 5 miles so I am cyclilng a longer route, my longer route is country lanes which can be a bit icy in the early morning so if I can't do that it will be out during my lunchtimes.

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    i think if you upload a picture proving there is snow your miles should count double! i like your commitment :)

  7. Unfortunately we aren't counting miles for this challenge! We've had snow all week so the journeys are coming much harder - but it does at least provide some variety

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    had a rubbish week for cycling, only managed 4 rides so far and only 2 of those were over 10 miles. I have the potential to do 5 rides over 10mls between now and monday. I've said it so hopefully that's enough to make me do it. Got the new Cycling Plus on my doormat yesterday, some lovely cyclo-cross bikes in there. Maybe a new bike is what I need, hope my wife agree's. lol

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    is your wife familiar with the n+1 rule? if not maybe just tell her you are holding the new bike for a friend :)

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    my possible 5 rides is currently 1. I came off as well, wet and slippery decending, braking and turning a bad idea. 

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