Mio Cyclo 100

Having won one of these devices I am struggling to load the rides to bike radar. I have uploaded them to the mioshare site which can output gpx files but I can only see TCX and Hrm files accepted on this site. Does anyone know how to do it?

  1. I'm sure i've managed to convert a gpx to tcx using the following site.



  2. Also, I'm almost sure, judging by the interface and buttons, that the Mio is a rebadged Globalsat 580 with improvements. As the Globalsat is also the Timex Cycle training, it is worth trying if some software (e.g. Sport Tracks) can recognize the Mio as one of those devices. I convert my 580 tracks to GPX using Sport Tracks. Unfortunately it looses all Cadence info, but at least it works.

  3. Even though Endomondo can export a TCX file it looses the speed graph so I export a GPX file and use TCX converter to mae a TCX file. So it may be worth trying this free software.


  4. oh you allready received mio cyclo 100?

  5. I won one and it arrived on 24th Dec. 

  6. still waiting for it, ppl here are lazy around christmas :)

  7. Hi there Has my Mio 100 been posted?  Still not got it yet...





  8. still waiting

  9. MIne arrived on the SAturday 22nd December. Early Christmas box. Nice bit of kit, not tried the Mioshare application yet. Got the main display pafes sorted to what I wnat though. Anyone know how the SLOPE calculation works? On my ride to work this morning on one hill I had everything from 19% to -5%, whilst just going up the one hill.

  10. Mines still not arrived.  No reply from admins after pm asking if its been posted either.......


    Maybe Santa decided I had been a bad boy this year.......

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