New Leader in the Longest Ride Challenge

OK folks, here's the latest news...on Christmas Day 1tal logged an impressive ride of 124.5 miles.

However, on Boxing Day, Jprcr from the USA smashed this logging an incredible endurance ride of, wait for it, 170.4 miles!

Here's the current Longest ride leaderboard:

1tal or anyone else, have you got one last long ride in your legs before the end of the month?!

  1. Good ride, although my club 10 has more climbing!

  2. He's in Florida, where would you suggest he finds a hill? ;-)

  3. if he fancies a bit of better weather, as I'm sure he must be sick of the weather in Florida, I was in Wales over Christmas, plenty of hills there!! but unfortunately I didnt have my bike!

  4. Well I did a century here in Wales today - I can definitely say I'm sick of the weather here - not doing that again!

  5. Indeed. I'm back in Wales after 10 days in Arizona. What a difference. Really struggling for motivation!

  6. Yup - ridden on miles of melting sheet ice, in 4" of snow, at temperatures as low as -8C, horizontal rain, sleet, winds gusting to 60kmh - just shocking weather

  7. I moved to Florida so that I could ride year round. I haven't shoveled snow in 5 years and I don't plan on making any changes to that record. 

  8. i bet you miss it really don't you :)

  9. 1tal takes back the lead with a heroic 10 hour ride covering 172.2 miles! No amount of bad weather or hills can stop 1tal who now has 3 out of the 4 longest rides logged in the challenge.

    Here's the leaderboard with one day to go:

    Can Jpcr respond on the last day? He's based in Florida so has a bit more time left on his side!


  10. Kudos to 1tal. Ifthe weather in the NE of England was anything like we had on the 29th then he deserves to win. I did 42 miles and that was more than enough.

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