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Turbo Sessions

Do turbo sessions with recorded mileage count for this challenge? 

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    I have a biased view on this as I think this is a cycling forum, and to me cycling means being out in the fresh air, on a bike, come rain, wind, shine. Turbo trainers are like spinning sessions, good alternative or supplementary exercise.......but in the end.................not cycling.

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    I understand your point of view but, have to disagree. In my opinion as long as one is turning the pedals it is still cycling, not in it's purist form I agree but, still cycling.

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    I take it you mean me, riding the turbo. I've rode 19,500 mile so far this year which 5,500 are on the turbo, so 14,000 are on the road, How meany have you dun mabbo.

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    Actually 1tal did not mean anyone as I never look at who's done what anyway. I was just stating my feelings as a life long cyclist and hater of gyms.

    I happen to like cycling in the fresh air. I have enough time to put in enough miles to keep me fit, keep weight off and keep my blood pressure low.

    That's all it's about for me, oh, and enjoying a pint at the end of summer rides.

    Unforetunately I have to work over 40 hours a week, travel bewtween various points in the UK, and sleep and eat. So I could never have enough hours to complete 54 miles a day everyday of the year.

    But well done to you.


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    i used to be unsure about turbo trainer miles, but having recently bought one I definitely agree they should be added! a turbo is in no way 'easier' than cycling! People upload walking, running, working out, why not turbo? this is bike radar training, not bike radar cycling outside! and turbo trainers make up a large portion of peoples training regimes.

  6. Perhaps the Bike Radar staff can clarify this - and perhaps mention turbo trainers in the rules for future challenges?

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    i'd guess most people who use turbo trainers also cycle outside as well, i'll easily make the 12 rides excluding my turbo sessions!

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    Looks like I've opened a can of worms here. I only use the turbo when I have to, I much prefer to be in the fresh air. Due to a medical condition there are times when cycling on the road is unsafe for me so, I use the turbo so I can still cycle in a controlled environment. The alternative? Sit on my backside and do nothing.

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    As far as I can see, by all means upload turbo sessions but put in the real mileage i.e.zero. That's what I do.

  10. Hope you're all getting out today. It's gorgeous out there!


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