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Fox and Hound...

Cycling home last night a new idea popped in to my head. Looking at the latest challenge there are some guys that are putting in some crazy amount of miles.
So how about changing it up a bit.
The idea is that you select a single Hound and everyone else is a Fox. All the Foxes start to log miles and after say 1 week the Hound will start and the challenge is to keep your miles ahead of the Hound, the longer you manage the more chance you have of surviving.
Prizes could be phased, if you last for 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or escape. And whoever is the Hound will automatically go in to the draw for the top prize.

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    While out today I thought about competitions in which I might stand more of a chance, like number of different bird species spotted , number of bike shops passed (10 today) , number of Majestic Wine shops passed , and number of bridges crossed.


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    Hi Chris, I like the idea. Need to work out how this could be achieved technically though! Have added the idea into the ideas pot....another variation on this would be 1:1 duels where one member sets a challenge and invites another member to take them on!

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    i was thinking there should be more 'fun' spot prizes, not just cycling related but part of the challenges. I liked the photo competition one, that kind of thing.

    I like the idea of least interesting point of a ride, so the gps map data had nothing as far as the eye coud see, or furthest from home, so people on cycling holidays and things logging miles abroad and that kind of thing!

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    I think there should be a turbo challenge before the wether picks up.

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    yah, i was thinking something along the lines of time spent cycling, then people can't moan about whether turbo 'miles' should count or not! if you ask me they should count double though!!!

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    Another spot prize idea could be "total climb" divided by "total distance" with minimum distance larger than XXX miles. That is a 10 miles climb over a distance of 1000 miles becomes less important than the same climb over a 300 miles distance.

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    Check out tomorrows new Feb challenge and youll see we've been listening! 1tal, mmmm mulling that over re a turbo only challenge....most time, most distance or fastest turbo ride over x miles...any thoughts?

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    tryiing to think of one i could win!!!

    most turbo miles recorded in Meriden maybe?!!!

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    Well as long as the next challenge is not bike based I should be OK, some thieving little to-rag had my Cube Reaction out of the garage last night.

    Insurance company weren't that helpful this morning either.

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    I only surggested it to wind up the people who winge on about turbos.

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