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Handlebars for Movember


So as a cycling community I think we should support Movember, to do this why not run a spot prize during the month for the best Handlebars.

This can be of any variety ranging from the best handlebar tache, widest bars, narrowest bars, bars with the best tape/grips or anything else that takes your fancy.




It would just be a bit of fun, gets more people involved and shows BikeRadar.com supporting a good cause.


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    great idea :)

    so the ladies out there can get involved maybe there should be that for the men and then for the women it could be the best photo of them wear a fake moustache? something like a swanky event, dresssed to the nines then a huge moustache!!

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    We'll be releasing the new challenge later today and there may very well be some Movember themed-challenges planned ;-)

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    Looks like great minds think alike...

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