Le Tour de Bikeradar

Bradley wiggins completed the 2012 tour in 87hrs 34 mins 47 secs. the distance was 2,173 miles. why not have a challenge over this time and see who is our tour it from say april through to july to allow for people with limited time.all rides count so if commuting to work pedal harder !!!spot prizes could be perhaps everybody must enter a 10/25 mile time trial, announced at will by the admin team or on a must be done by ? basis. a hill climb over a certain height.? once you have clocked 87 hrs-35 min thats you finished, we all end up with the same time but different final distance.what do the rest of you think

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    thats a good idea i like it!

    its kind of a different spin on an average speed challenge! maybe it could run up to the final stage of the tour?

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    A brilliant idea. It sounds a good way to measure ourselves against the worlds best cyclists and have a bit of competition along the way. This would really make me want to ride harder

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    Hi jez45, I think you have the startings of a good challenge there! Will discuss with the Challenge team when we plan the next few challenges. We have also been thinking about a team Tour challenge...

  4. Great idea. Assume it will be on bicycles outside moving from one place to another? I don't think Wiggo competed on a turbo ;-)

    Need a reasonable period of time to do it in

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    And how do you police that?  You will automatically exclude anyone without a GPS which is making it elitist as if you can't afford the toys you cant compete.

    And whos to say some sad git wont just drive around in their car at 18 mph with a GPS?

    Sorry, I think it's all or nothing.

    I prefer cycling outside but a turbo has its place.


    Just my 2p.

  6. Most turbos are more expensive than the basic GPS devices. I don't see how you can say one is an elitist toy and the other isn't... Most smart phones come with GPS capability too.

    I'm not against turbos (my son uses one for his physio rehab) but you only need to look at the training results from riders using both that they are generally significantly faster on a turbo. Hardly a level playing field (if you can't afford a turbo "toy"). Much easier to "cheat" on a turbo if you're so small-minded to want to do so too. 

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    My point was the more restricitons you place on the challenge the less popular it will become.  Also it makes much more work for the mods. I'll need to try and write a bit better :D

    I was not differentiating between gps/turbo (at least in my head lol )

    I'd Like to think people are better than cheating but....

  8. TBH I'm not too bothered what's decided. If you're on the turbo in the middle of summer (even in the UK ;-) I hope you have a good fan, ;-) I'd always rather be outside enjoying the world going by...

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    Imdeed :D

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    Dashic has a very valid point.I use neither Garmin or Polar gps device so I cant upload any GPS files.I am eliminated from any challenge that is GPS file based!

    I use I-GOTU to record all outside rides and all indoor work is done via my local gym using the keiser M3 spin bike.On the November challenge I was advised by Bike Radar to chage how I entered my gym work because,unlike turbo work,mine was not accounted for in the end mileage.

    You tell me the differance between what you do on the turbos and what I do using an M3?

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