Loadlugger Challenge

Maybe too complicated to organise but a handicap challenge based upon climbing and weight? I notice that many riders have entered their weight. So a 55kg whippet needs to climb twice as high as a 110kg tank - who has moved the most kilograms up the most metres?

  1. as a 110kg tank I think that is a great idea.  Often on hills I am passed by whippets so I say make 'em do it 3 times

  2. I may be classed as one of these whippets and all i can say is try cycling into a headwind when you arent the heaviest!! It evens itself out :)

  3. So are you suggesting a Headwind Challenge, Chris? ;-)

  4. haha, maybe, might be hard to judge though! how about we apply the jockey system and just add weight to the bikes?!

    could maybe give the slimmer riders (i prefer that to whippet!!) some heavy wheels to even it out?

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