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I think...

I maybe spend too much time on my turbo :)

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    Blimey Chris - 70 hours - you'll be needing some UV light supplements after all that. Nice to have a surprise leaderboard leader, we thought 1tal would be tough to beat on this challenge...

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    yeah i though he would too, its probably because i'm lazy and just leave all my sessions as general usually, whether on the turbo or not.

    I can't wait for the clocks to go back so I can spend more time outdoors, I don't mind cycling in the dark but you could be anywhere so it kinda takes the fun out of it!

    I'm half expecting 1Tal to upload one massive 100 hour session and pip me at the post :)

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    I haven't targeted the Febuary challenge's, let other members 0f bikeradar a chance to win them.

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    its just my luck that i streak ahead in the challenge that doesn't have any special prizes!! If bike radar have any full carbon bikes kicking about the office and want to throw them into the pot I wouldn't say no :)

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