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5 miles ?!?

In a climbing challenge such as this, why are people posting these rides?

  1. 21 Feb 2013

    djm501 cycled 5.4 miles in 25 minutes and 8 seconds

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    21 Feb 2013

    chewymk4 cycled 5.1 miles in 23 minutes and 33 seconds

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    20 Feb 2013

    dr.donrock cycled 2.1 miles in 11 minutes and 13 seconds

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  1. It all  adds up eventually.

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    Any reason why I shouldn't?

    This is my daily commute and it just happens to include a f*****g big hill!

    I'm not ignoring over 1000ft climbing everyday just because it doesn't happen to be on an epic ride



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    Just uploading all my rides. So?

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    Also, I like to have record of my monthly mileage.  I do that here and elsewhere. Once you've joined a challenge here you have no way of filtering which rides are counted and which are not.

    perhaps the technical bids here can put in a 'permission filter' so that you can approve everyone's rides before they go in? [/sarcasm]

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    ... Points taken.

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    People are taking the challenges to serious, you should do what  you want, if thats riding 2 mile or 120 mile, going up hill or down or on a turbo as long you enjoy riding you bike is the point. Critizing other peoples rides and uploads is a bit petty. I know when people were critizing my turbo rides it p****d me off.

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    I agree, the challenges are a great way to encourage people to cycle or train a bit more than maybe they would do normally, so if that means someone commutes a few extra times a week or pops to the shops on a bike instead of using the car i'm all up for themuploading these rides, even if its half a mile to be honest. If it means more people are cycling or training more than that's got to be a good thing in my book.

    I think people going through other member's uploaded rides is only going to discourage people from joining the challenges or bikeradar training alltogether.

    If people do suspect foul play or anything maybe they could just raise a ticket with admin instead of flagging it here for the whole world to see? Bikeradar have always said that they will check the winners rides to make sure they are compliant with the rules so if anyone is 'cheating' then they'll be found out.

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    Did a 111mile ride yesterday so hopefully that balances things out! :-)

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    it only counts if you managed to stop when the distance was at 111.11 :)

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    111.2 :-( bugger!

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