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Daylight's burning.....


Hi folks,

I gave the Feb challenge one last push today, happy to have hit around 8000 metersall in given weather & day light restrictions mixed with work and family commitments.

Well done to those who did hit the magic number.

Anyway, I definitely hit my most meters in a ride today although I’m potentially not a hard rider……read on.... 

Ride report – Scenic route to the in-laws - 108 miles across Northern Ireland – Baltic cold!

I planned the route around wind direction as riding solo and took it really easy early am, luckily the roads were very dry.

But it was freezing for the 1st few hours - nostrils, lips and pecker all frozen.

The roads from Cookstown to Omagh were stunning, very hilly and passing three frozen lakes, just amazing in the mid day sun.

Well worth a ride across if you’re over this way.

To finish, the pavlova at the in-laws was worth the trip, nose and lips now fine but I think there’s a touch of frost bite elsewhere…hot bath and bed!


P.S. Admin can you consider running this again in April or May maybe? Just not enough ridable daylight hours this month. 




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    Hi PC, I'd say there's a good chance of another KOM challenge later in the year. Sounds like you ride through some great country - got any ride pics?

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    no sorry, phone was well packed away and it was to cold to stop, maybe next time.....

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