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Elevation Calculations

Many members will be aware that earlier in the month there was a big debate around the accuracy of the total elevation stats being calculated by the BRT system.

After investigation, we found that the elevation stats coming from devices like the Edge 800/500 that have barometric altimeters were comparable with the numbers being displayed by other systems including Garmin Connect and Strava. However, for all other devices and file imports the numbers on display on BRT had a propensity to be higher.

We have now developed a new method of calculating total elevation climbed that once it’s pushed fully live will provide  a more accurate and consistent measure all round of total metres/feet climbed. In addition, where an imported file has GPS points but no elevation data, we will now be calculating total elevation gained based on elevation samples acquired from professional map surveys.

Given the spirit of the challenge and that many members are so close to achieving this month’s challenge goal, we have decided NOT to push these changes which will ultimately change the numbers displayed on the challenge leaderboard until after the challenge has ended on Thursday and the prize draw / spot winners have been drawn.

This challenge by definition was designed to be “hard”, so thank you and congratulations to all members who have pushed themselves to the limit in often appalling weather conditions.

Watch this space for news on who has won a prize and keep your eye out for the next instalment of our BRT challenge series launching on Friday…

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    Has it been adjusted yet ?

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    Hi The Captain. It's working on all new activities logged. The backfill on arcchive activities will take another week or so to complete...

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