Garmin Software Update V2.5

Just updated mine and the app on here has marked everything that was still on my Garmin 800 as "New" - all a bit screwy.

If you're in the challenge, you might want to wait before you update your Garmin

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    Hi meanredspider. Justed tested that and we couldnt replicate the issue - all worked as normal. Did you see the Garmin recommendation during the update to delete out archive rides from your device...

    Anyone else seen this? Let me know here so we can investigate further.

    Cheers. admin

  2. Thanks. No, I didn't spot that though that's what I've subsequently done (I needed to download the rides first else I would have deleted them).

    I guess the recommendation is to download rides first then update the software. I download to Strava, GarminConnect then BR. It was at the Garmin step I spotted the software update which I carried out.

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