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Hardriders Challenge Update

Afternoon everyone.  Just to let you all know the tech team are making good progress on upgrading the elevation gain algorythm to better reflect the climbing stats you see elsewhere. I won't comment on the state of the leaderboards until we've pushed this live probably early next week!

In the meantime, keep pedalling “up” as much as possible” and logging those rides as that’s the sure fire way to ensure you’re at the top of the list.

In the non-pedalling aspects of the challenge, we’ve seen some great photos uploaded in the challenge hardrider photo competition and with the weather being what it is here in the UK, we’re looking forward to seeing some mud stained faces uploaded over the coming days. You can upload them here.

In the “Tell us why you’re a hardrider” competition, there’s still time to tell some soul searching stories of pain and suffering – here’s where to post them

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    I use my phone to record with strava, then i have to export to gpx to upload to endo so i can export to tcx to be able to upload to bikeradar :D and at each step i lose altitude lol. leaderboard shows about 30%-40% less altitude then it was at the begining. ill need to do at least 15k :D. Support for gpx files would be nice.

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    I second that

  3. Can we change it back if my altitude gain goes down ;-)

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    Good news, been speaking with the tech team and support for GPX files is on the way...

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    I'm with Frank on that one >:-D

  6. Thanks to roadworks on the Kessock bridge, TranServ have added about 100m climbing to my commute (now 600m a day). Despite that, I'm still going to be nowhere near the 10,000m target. How some of you guys are managing it I don't know but I will be well impressed. 

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    I live in Wales, that helps. Frank Healy lives in Yorkshire I notice. That helps even more.

    A little insanity doesn't go amiss either ;-)

  8. I live in the Highlands. That ought to help. No shortage of hills

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    too sane then ;-)


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