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I'm a 'Hardrider'...

Join in on our February challenge  “HardRiders” debate, tell us tales of suffering in the name of turning pedals and why you’re the hardest rider around and the story that catches our imagination will win an exclusive Bikeradar t-shirt.

  1. Today was a difficult day...On my own, all the straight stuff into a headwind, 3 cobble climbs up 1 in 4 hills, cadence actually dropped to 25 up Shibden Wall, which is effectively a trackstand! And it rained...

    Garmin Course software was zooming in and out so I spent half an hour going up and down hills looking for the correct route. Why didn't I buy an 800?

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    " I'm a hardrider because " ...  A week after slipping on some diesel and using my face as a brake, I am back commuting with a nasty wrist, cracked thumb and a black eye to put a boxer to shame. :) can't stay off the bike for long though, I do get itchy :) will try to load a photo of my face break ...

  3. Resigned

    I was knocked off my bike, fractured two ribs and my shoulder blade and still managed to get to work daily ( 7 miles ew )

    Refused to have time off due to someone elses ignorance

    Thinking of selling the story to that Willis fella "ride hard " 

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    that's good going!

    beats mine, today i didnt wear an extra pair of socks!!

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    Jez, your ribs beat my thumb by a long shot, get well soon bud,

    Chris, whats extra socks? lol

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    haha, but in my defence i don't wear overshoes! so it almost evens up!!

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     Chris,Richsticky my accident was end of Oct/Nov last year , bought a merida scultura comp 904 last week and the shoes to go, went out yesterday to get the clips right, not a good idea.  Northwave Airflow, Good shoes,very cold, extra socks good idea. I get freezing fog all the time off the river humber,not nice. I dont wear over shoes cant afford them either now i have spent all my money.


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    Ah, can see this developing into the "who's broken the most bones" competition. Nic pic by the way Richysticky . I did get taken out by a bus a couple of years back, but ony got cuts - driver didn't even know he'd knocked me off.

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    Na, would rather nobody bounced :) I seem to be addicted to my overshoes at the moment though lol 

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    Dunno if this counts as a good story but I was 20 stone in weight 8 months ago and couldn't have dreamed of doing this.  My wife persuaded me to get a bike and here we are eight months down the line with over 5000 miles on the clock and counting.  For some reason, despite my weight (now about 16 stone - 103 ish kg) I seem to like the climbing and there's plenty of it here in South Wales.  As I said on another thread , this challenge has been timed perfectly for me as I'm doing a grimpeur audax event on Feb 23rd (The Gospel Pass 150 km brevet populaire) and with training I'm bound to do around 10,000 m or more this month.  I have become acquainted with named hills such as Rhigos and Bwlch, Senghennydd and Caerphilly - the latter of which I worked at late last year in order to just get up it at all- 20% slopes according to my Garmin.  Not bad for someone who still gets shouted at for being obese by my Nintendo Wii fit software ;-)

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