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Fingers Crossed

good luck to everyone over the magical 100 mile mark!

I never win these kind of things but i really need this one so all my fingers and toes will be crosssed from now until the draw! it is difficult to type with crossed fingers though!

  1. 100 miles was a little paltry :-p


    I've used up my luck winning a prize in the photo comp when I didn't even know I'd entered. Last thing I needed was another t-shirt - especially as I the t-shirt is the only Altura gear I own ;-) Maybe I'm on a roll...

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    Good luck Chris

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    1/30 chance my fingers are crossed. good luck Chris.


  4. 30 prizes and nearly 300 people - I make that 1/10 chance, mark4art

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    oops, but fingers crossed

  6. LOL - at least now you don't need to cross them quite as hard ;-)

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    if you look only 195 actually have more than 100 miles, i guess a few more might upload activities? is that allowed? 

    I have 560miles for the month but only bothered to load up one weeks worth as i thought that was enough. 

    so 30prizes and 200 people. i know i am still not going to be one of though:-(

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    Can we try 1000 miles December Challange? It might push me to do a bit more before end of the year...




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    they have already done a 1000 mile challenge!

    in fact by the end of today i should have cracked the 5000 mile challenge!! took a little over a month though!

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    Obviously you have nothing batter to do than cycling ;) 5k in little over a month...

    Respect mate...




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