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Just got notified

Just got the notification this afternoon.(06/12) I assume replying by comment is how to contact them, as I can see no other way ???

Very nice as I was thinking of buying myself one of these for Xmas !!!!!!!

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    Oh.................maybe I got it cos I'm an oldie !!!!!!!!!! Did do well over the 100 though..................................

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    Congrats, I'm a winner as well. In the news article where it announces the winner it says the winners need to contact BikeRadar and the "BikeRadar" text is an email address link so I just sent my details to that email address - which is bikeradar@bikeradar.com


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    Might also be worth PM'ing a message to admin, if that's possible, through the Message Center - not done that myself yet though.

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    I've sent an email too, but not heard anything back as yet

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    . double post

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    I emailed them yesterday at 10:46am, not heard anything yet.

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    Hey, Guys, will take a few days for us to get in all the winners details and despacth the prizes - fear not they'll be with you soon...Anyone who see this and hasn't yet provided their details, please email bikeradar@bikeradar.com

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    I am getting "out of the office" i am guessing automated reply, hope you got that address :)

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    I have also received out of office messages from two individual addresses, saying they are out until Monday the 10th December. I guess we will have to wait until then to confirm all details have been received.

  10. any update on when they are being delivered?, not had any response from the email i sent

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