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Unless my maths is off

there is currently a 1 in 6.266666 chance of winning this challenge!!

I like those odds!!

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    I put it at 177 people passed 100 miles, 30 prizes = 1 in 5.9! It will change over the next 3 days though.

    Still, great odds! 

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    Agreed, Nice to be in a competition where the No.s are mostly to the right of the decimal!

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    Even if it was 50 50 i still wouldn't win infact if i won it would get lost in the post.

  4. Last month they gave more prizes to those who failed the challange than to those who achieved it!

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    Hopefully there will be one more qualifier tomorrow (if the rain eases a bit) !

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    i'm sure there were more than 177 when i looked at the leaderboard? hmmmm

    definitely more now! i shoulkd have made 15 accounts and upped my chances :) 

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    there are 193 people now who have completed more than 100 miles. still 2 whole days to go too! 

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