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Winners announcement?

Have the winners for this been announced yet?

Can't find it with search but not sure if I've just missed it on the site.


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    not yet!! i'm on the edge of my seat!! not sure why though, i never win anything!

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    I'm not holding my breath, my luck is questionable...

    Won a spot prize of bike cleaner at a recent Dark & White ride and promptly left the bottle in the car park. D'oh!

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    Glad it's not just me on the edge of my seat either (and that I haven't missed the announcement). Will keep my fingers crossed for now then!


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    Let's hope it's not based on mileage or Chris will win five!

    Already thinking how I can sneak in a Xmas day ride for December's challenge

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    i think i should be entered 16 times!!! hehe, just kidding!

    1 would be more than enough for me!!

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    Patience is a virtue that I wish more people practiced.

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    ah balls!!!!

    i knew it!

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    Congrats to all the winners; commiserations to those that missed out.....Chris, there's always next month :)

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    dont worry i won't stop entering :) i do like the challenges and the discussions seem to be getting a bit more activity too which is always a good thing!!

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    oh yeah and congratulations to all the lucky winners!

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