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Challenge Leaderboard Updates

Here's a snapshot of who is leading the spot challenges. The competition's hotting up nicely...

The longest ride logged so far this challenge is 123.3 miles by POPRIU from Spain. 1tal lies in 2nd place with a ride of 114.5 miles.

The fastest ride over 10 miles looks like a well judged 10.2 mile downhill ride at an average speed of 29.9MPH by alexbn921. His average cadence was 85 rpm and max 211 rpm so he was going for it!

The current King Of The Mountains is POPRIU who has so far climbed 8,330 metres this month and now leads two competitions. Congratulations on not just cycling afar but up as well! BigAir1 is in 2nd place at 7,491 metres.

  1. Impresssive figures from the leaders - makes my stats look very feeble in comparison!

  2. do turbo training sessions count ?

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    They do for some aspects of the challenge - please click on  the "About" tab and refer to the Spot prize and general terms at the bottom of the page.

  4. Is there any way of having an elevation figure on the leaderboard too?

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    Pfff... Move him to Scotland and see if he would be so merrily stomping miles and meters.

    There should be special section for REAL winter riding, not only for these lucky living in warmer places...





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    Think down south covers that to day cold and windy hard to ride into today :(

  7. I'll second that, Excell. Think I may have got trench backside

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    Looks like 1tal has taken back the longest rie lead with a 125.5 mile ride in somewhat colder conditions than Spain!

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