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Challenge Update - 18 Jan

252 members have now joined the January Resolutions challenge with 25 members having already cycled over 365 miles this month to qualify for the main prize draw.

The longest ride competition has become a duel between POPRIU from Spain and 1tal . POPRIU has just taken back the lead with a coastal ride of 136.1miles.

alexbn921 still leads the fastest ride over 10 miles with his  well judged 10.2 mile downhill ride at an average speed of 29.9MPH . Given the UK weather, looks like the only way to top this would be to find a hill put skis on, bike on back and let gravity do the rest, although I guess that would break the rules!

POPRIU is still leading the King Of The Mountains competition having climbed 13,212 metres but hot on his rear wheel are I am lanterne-rouge (11,319M), 1tal (11,025M) and BigAir1 (10,881M).

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    This weather over the past week and guess week to come in the uk has jiggled around the leader boards. Oh well the Fortius is my new friend. Be out and on it when the ice & snow has gone

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    Yup looks liek the weekend going to be a right off as snow falling in essex again :) oh bring on the summer :)

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    roads east of hull (home)  fairly clear and just been given week off work. i need to keep going out to hit the 365 as 60-75 of my weekly miles are to work !!

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