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Challenge Update - Final Week

262 members have now joined the January Resolutions challenge with 39 members having already cycled over 365 miles this month to qualify for the main prize draw.

Looks like there's a few riders in with a chance of winning the spot prize for being the 1st to ride 2,013 miles1tal is currently at 1,899 miles, POPRIU at 1,648 and thojj at 1,511 miles.

In the longest ride competition, POPRIU has re-taken the lead with a ride of 136.1 miles. There's still plenty of time for someone to pull one out of the bag here - 1tal, Jprcr anyone else up for a monster ride before the end of the month?

alexbn921 has lost the lead in the fastest ride over 10 miles to burner123 with a 15.1 mile downhill ride @ 30.1 MPH. We would remind everyone taking part in this  challenge to ride responsibily, safely and within the letter of the law.

POPRIU is still leading the King Of The Mountains competition having climbed 19,380 metres but hot on his rear wheel are alexbn921 (16,767M), sabbath (15,222M) and BigAir1 (14,820M).

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    I think POPRIU has a double loged ride on the the 1st.

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    Doesn't look like that's the case from examining the database of rides for Jan...

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    Sorry 2nd.

    Also  burner123 is most likley on a trainer.

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    Yes burner123 (myself) did that ride on a trainer (computrainer). It shouldn't count for a fastest 10 mile ride.

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    Thanks for being honest Burner.

  6. A month and expected 400 miles on Ice Spikers on the MTB can't end quick enough!

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    I'm a bit worried - I put in 500 odd miles so far, but not on the leaderboard. What am I doing wrong?

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    burner123 - thanks for the reply; you definitely win the "Fair play" award for this month! So alexbn921 that means you are back on top of the fastest ride podium.

    c12345 - that's because you have logged all your rides as sport = other (this maybe because theres no sport been chosen in the settings on your garmin device) . Your rides need to be sport = cycling to show up on the challenge leaderboard. To do this, login, go to each activity page, click edit and change the sport to cycling; then save...


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    great - that worked a treat.

    I've got a few unlogged rides missing, but I think I'm in the draw now. I'm pretty desperate to get a chance at winning the wheels. The cracks on my current pair are starting to alarm me.

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    Congrats to 1tal for winning the spot prize for being the 1st rider to pass the 2,013 miles mark!

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