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for anyone with a garmin edge 800

because i'm a bit of a fool, I bought a case for my edge 500 from amazon only for it to arrive and it happened to be the one for the 800!


as this is no good to me and it wasnt very expensive so the cost of returning it would pretty much make any refund pointless i'm happy to give this to anyone who can put it to good use!


if more than one of you want it i'll think of some way to decide who gets it, you may have to tell me a story of why you should get it, best reasons wins :)

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    Hi Chris, I've got both 500 & 800 and garmin case it is the same case for both computers

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    really? how does it fit, it seems about 100% too big!

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    It's so you can carry the plug to charge the compute.

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    ah, no, the case i'm on about is the silicone one that protects it whilst its on the handlebars.


    its one of those

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    I'll take it off your hands Chris :-)

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    HI there 

    i coukd really do with a cover for my garmin that ive just ordered , I need to protect it as the wife will go mental if I break this one!!! :) 



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     essjaydee you have a mental wife to compete with!! can you top that? it should be notwed you were first so that will count in your favour!!

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    Can't compete with a mental wife! Sounds like cashy16 needs are greater than mine ;-)

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    thats very sporting of you!

    I guess it's yours then cashy16! if you message me your address i'll get it in the post to you.


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