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This weather has messed with the leader board a bit. Oh to be abroad with the sun on your back. It's not the cold. It's the ice. Been there done that shafted shoulder so Fortius time it is and I only log road miles

  1. I'm on the Ice Spiker Pros - fantastic tyres for these conditions

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    Good stuff 

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    Only a light dusting of snow (and some frost / ice) here and the Marathon Winters have been superb. A couple of patches of slightly deeper slushy snow that made the bike a little twitchy but they still provided a good degree of grip.

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    Wow I have to say that I'm in awe of you all !!!  I"m in Orlando Fl where it was a warm 80 degree today.    I really dont think I would survive snow or ice

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    I will Hugo out and ride on the road again when the ice clears as most of the roads I train on are mud strewn wiices lush/ice on top or untreated country roads. Hopefully next week will be an improvement. eased I have the Fortius as I found normal turbo trainers boring

  6. As an ex-pat cycling in 30 -40 degree celcius weather is very draining whether you can maintain your hydration or not ! In the winter here though is when I feel most comfortable , easier to keep warm through higher cadence and sensible kit choice ! Tour Down Under about to start here in Adelaide on sunday so bikes are everywhere !!

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    I am gutted, just had 2 days rest and was looking forward to the morning ride, but I also use untreated lanes so feel the risk could be not worth it. Injury would be worse. Will do some cardio at home instead. Roll on the good weather and those light early mornings :)

  8. what in the name of creation is ice ? the stuff that cocktails have in them ?

    turks & caicos islands, hot and windy with the kind of rain that turns a road into a river very quickly.

    not cycled much this month due to injuries from work and sram probs :( back on it now mind :)

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    It's not difficult here in Catalunya. I cycle in the evening and face about 3 deg C (37 F).  I agree with "I am lanterne-rouge", it's more difficult to cycle under the sun and more than 35 C (95 F).

  10. Yep - give me cold rather than heat, though I do find I start to run into issues at around -8C to -10C with cables and mechs freezing. At least I have hydraulic brakes now as I'd rather not repeat the experience of my V-brakes freezing solid as I arrived at a T-junction

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