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Cold snowy ride today

86 miles around some of the hills of East Lothian in the snow and sleet, made more uncomfortable by being on the single speed bike.  Did any other Tour de Force guys from the Edinburgh area venture out  today, or was I the only one mad enough?


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    Hi Trevor,

    Managed 106miles around ayrshire, cold but glorious sunshine at times, you need to move to the west coast.



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     good riding john! i only clocked 70 miles myself : just a few more days of winter to survive, they say, before hopefully all local cyclists can come out to play...! patience.... 

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    And I only managed 40 miles on Saturday - cold but beautiful from Glentress over the Granites, back to Edinburgh. Big miles planned for next weekend (well, bigGER). Pray for sun.

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    there is light at the end of the tunnel : February bows out in 3 days' time. Here in the snwoy Ardennes they forecast, well, no more snow.....that must be good news...?! i just cannot face any more roller sessions!

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    I can't wait for some sun and warmth here.  Its a beautiful day today here in Edinburgh, sunshine and blue sky - typical, when I have to be in the office!  Roll on the weekend!  And the lighter evenings for post- work rides!

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