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indoors sometimes, it has to be...

with "warm" here now meaning -7C maximum during the day, (ardennes, belgium), reason has overcome the love of outdoors and so onto the rollers i have gone for a few days. i prefer rollers to turbo by a static mile, mainly because you have to keep your mind slightly on what you are doing, as opposed to the turbo. i work on cadence mainly, which personally i am lazy about, so it's good for me. i find that by working in gradual intervals of 10 mins i can slowly increse the cadence until it hurts, without going for a full speed sprint. since you cannot stand up on rollers, it is worth wearing especially well-padded bibs. for this same reason of bum-numb, every 1/2 hour i get off the bike and do a series of 100 squats with weights. in this way i can quite easily do a 2-hour session avoiding boredom. (thanks to some good music, of course). rollers scare a lot of people, and it is true that to begin with it is like cycling on an ice rink, but once you have it mastered, it can be almost 'fun', and is certainly so much more like the real thing. i can recommend the Elite models with the parabolic rollers that help you not shoot off the side into the furntiure too! anyone interested in other tips on rollers please ask for or share tips. 

phil d

  1. On the turbo with the sufferfest videos for entertainment :-)

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    enjoy the suffering! you must be younger than i if you can take the soundtrack! all part of the pain, maybe?! ( the 70's get my feet stomping on the pedals still.) sweat well!

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    How noisy or quiet are these turbos or rollers ??? Can you use them in normal apartments (thin walls, no sound insulation) while others are looking for rest ?

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    re noise of turbos & rollers, some make more noise than others, but they are never really "noisy". i can recommend Elite as a very good brand. many mention that they are reasonably quiet in their promo stuff. If no mention is made of this, look elsewhere! rollers are quite a challenge to use to start with, be warned! turbo's are better for interval training and if you can only do sessions of less than an hour.


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