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Mountain training

I would really like to get some proper climbing in before TDF. Does anyone know of any good routes, I guess in Wales, that offer long climbs? Really looking for over 30-45 minutes. All i have round here is 10-15 min max!

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    here is a link to the route of a great event i rode in 2011 (Brian Chapman Memeorial 600km) : http://maps.innersource.com/project/map/8021

    not suggesting you ride the whole thing next saturday afternoon, but it does include some of the best climbs in wales so you should find some ideas in there.

    for my own notes, if you are interested : http://www.rapha.cc/the-audax-diaries--the-bryan-chapman-2011.

    which part of the country are you from paul?

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    Thanks Phil, I will take a look. I am in Windsor so a few "bumps" but nothing more. 


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    'bumps' can be good. you just gotta do them more than once! (there will be quite a few 'bumps' on the Tour anyway).

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