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Do you guys have any idea how long we are supposed to taper before the tour (as lifers), and what to do in that period? I'm asking because I'm being asked whether I want to participate in a TTT on June 8th (or whether i'd be already tapering then, which hadn't even occurred to me). Also, do some of you race in the spring (RR and crits) ? When do you stop racing and training for intensity to train more specifically for the tour/endurance ?

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    tapering : what counts is to arrive at the event FRESH. that means that you need to work out how much time your body needs to 'repair' from hard racing or training. This has to be balanced with not over-resting and loosing form. Personally I would do little,even nothing, for a week before, as long as you have maintained a good work-rate beforehand. Sorry to dissappoint, but you do not need to taper for 3 weeks! 2 weeks before the event try and ride long but well within your comfort zone. 

    racing : you can keep this up as well up until the 2-week period pre-event. The main thing is to make sure that you are not too tired from your race schedule to not be able to put in the long rides as well. These endurance rides are an absloute must for a lifer. You should be able to do 200kms at a steady pace, making sure that you are av.per hour-ing the same in hour one as in hour nine.

    I hope this makes sense?

    phil d 

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    Thanks Phil, that does make a lot of sense. No i'm actually really happy i don' t have to taper for 3 weeks ! :)

    from when and how often do you say would you say i should try to put in rides of 200 kms ?

    For now, until april (and since end of november), I'm following a training plan for racing where the longest steady pace rides are about 4 -5 hours (the plan has 12-15 hours of training per week but now that we are approaching race season, the focus is increasingly on intensity/ sprints and short sessions of climbing).

    My idea was after end of march to incorporate more and more sportives and long miles (and less of the sprint/short stuffs) while continuing to do a few crits and RR,  but i find it hard to know how to plan it in practise....

    Thanks for the advice ! and so Looking forward to the training week-end in Surrey, and the tour !


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    we can talk more in surrey. You are going to have a great base fitness, so if you can at least manage one 200km ride per month from March on (easier said than done, i know) that would be good. Other racers i have ridden with on endurance events all suffer in the last hours of the stages, mainly because they only know to push hard and find it difficult to pace themselves for anything other than racing. 

    steady eddy wins often over boy racer !

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    great, one 200km ride per month from March on I shall plan, then !
    Thanks a lot !

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