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training ideas for winter blues

i will shortly add some words here to start a bit of banter going between us all to help us all get through the 'fridge-feet'n fingers' months! any ideas you have already, throw them in here for all to share! ta. phil d 

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    stay in doors in the warm :)

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    just ridden 4 hours in the falling snow: so happy i was not on rollers! despite saying goodbye to my feet after 1/2 an hour! warm & dry is tempting though, you are right. except you don't stay "dry", do you?! unless you are wathcing race dvd's of course.

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    I've just fitted some studded tryes and clocked up over 30km in the thick snow today. Great fun! I'm loving it!

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    wait till it gets dark, when it starts snowing put a 1000 lumen front light on and then it looks like going warp speed in space with the snow looking like the stars whizzing past :)

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    love it chris! do you ride with a full spacesuit on too? 

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    I don't yet but there is a buzz lightyear costume i've got my eye on!!

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