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Training speeds

Most of the training I am doing seems to be pretty flat out. Should I/We slow down and get more experience at "normal" speeds rather than falling off the bike at the end of every ride!!??


  1. Something that I have been reading says that you should not train to the point at which you are "falling off the bike" at any point, especially this soon, as you are just going to give yourself fatigue and eventually cause injury in worst case scenario. Personally I've just been concentrating on getting the miles in and consecutive riding in order to build a base level of fitness and then going some interval work on the trainer and weights work to improve power.


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    you are absolutely right yossi. endurance is what you need to focus on : ride to reduce the pain, rather then to increase the power! riding back-to-back days needs getting a maximum number of miles in the legs : the power that goes with that will see you through on the French roads this summer.

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    Thanks yossi and Phil. My thoughts exactly but need to convince team mates! Had a great, if short, ride yesterday at sensible pace leaving plenty for the bumps. 

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