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    23 Apr 2014

    supereggtooth cycled 42.4 miles in 2 hours, 18 minutes and 55 seconds

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    23 Apr 2014

    Sasaic cycled 7.1 miles in 28 minutes and 22 seconds

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    23 Apr 2014

    Sasaic cycled 7.1 miles in 28 minutes and 41 seconds

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  1. Insurance and bike tagging

    Bike insurance offers the coverage of the damages occurred to the motor bike and the bike rider. There are different kinds and different types of bike insurances that come with different package plans and coverage. Bikes are a kind of investment that a person makes in life and it is equally essential to make that investment a really secured one. Bike insurance provides you with this fair chance to make your investment a much secured one.


    tyre fitter insurance

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    Dusk Till dawn and My New Light Theory

    Working the night shift I often cut through the forest at night and I use a smart lunar and 2 1600 lumen Ultra fire lights that cost me a tenner each. These have a good adjustable beam too, and produce more light than a friends £250 set up.

    Just want out for the muntjacs!

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