April Showers Cycling Challenge

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Jessica Bradley
Challenge Start
01 Apr 2013
Challenge End
30 Apr 2013
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20:00:00 h:m:s
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Clock 20 hours in the saddle this month for your chance to win some awesome prizes


April Showers Cycling Challenge

Spring is officially here and for triathletes everywhere the warmer weather and longer days signal a certain delightful milestone in the annual calendar; you no longer need to spend endless mind-numbing hours on the turbo trainer and can actually get out and enjoy the freedom of the road without the threat of snow storms. At this time of year it’s important to build up endurance and fitness, so long slow rides are the order of the day. To help you get back into the swing of things, we have dedicated this month’s challenge to cycling.

All you have to do to is clock 20 hours in the saddle before the end of the month . . . . .

As always, how you do it is up to you - we don’t care if you’re a cycling lunatic that wants to thrash out 20 hours in the saddle in one go, or whether you want to take things a little easier and just do an hour every few days until the end of the month.

Each one of you that successfully hits the 20 hour target will be entered into the prize draw and stand a chance of winning some top of the range helmets from Lazer.


Spot prizes:

We are also going to be awarding spot prizes for:

  • The longest individual ride logged.
  • The most miles cycled.


Challenge status: This challenge is live


How To Enter:

1. Join this challenge group by clicking here and then selecting “join”. (You’ll need to be a registered member – click here to sign up if you’re not already a member)

2. Upload your activities and training sessions by Midnight GMT 30 April 2013.

3. Keep checking back to this page to see how you’re progressing on the challenge leaderboard

4.Tell the world about this challenge on Facebook & Twitter, #triathlonplus

5. That’s all there is to it; keep checking the group for leaderboard updates and to find out which members have won a TriRadar Training Zone prize.