5K Club

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Challenge Start
06 Sep 2012
Challenge End
31 Dec 2012
Total Distance
5,000.0 miles
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1000miles - easy! 
5000miles - not so...

Have you already smashed the 1000mile challenge?

(Yes we are looking at you 1tal, Chris Bass and ate...)


This is a challenge group for those who really want to push the boundaries...


Everyone is welcome to join - the challenge distance is 5000miles - first person to hit the 5000mile mark will get a bunch of cycling goodies! 


Congratulations to 1tal who smashed the 5k mark on November 4th!
Here's a sneak peak at his prize...


How to enter

1. Join the group.

2. Ride! The challenge target is 5000miles

3. Log your rides on BikeRadar Training. If you a registered member, you can join Bike Radar Training here.

4. Follow the group Leaderboard to see how you're doing. 



Terms & Conditions

Users are required to have a unique username (display name) in order to be entered into the Challenges - anyone with the defualt 'Your Name Here' username will not be entered into the prize draw. Set yours now under the 'Settings' tab.

BikeRadar reserves the right to query or ignore any entries that it believes contain falsified data. For all other standard terms and conditions, click here.