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Target Time
01:00:00 h:m:s
HRM Zone
Min 2 / Avg 3 / Max 3
Power Zone
Min 2 / Avg 3 / Max 3


Tempo rides are the key to your success; they help build your ‘engine’ which is the foundation to building your fitness. The bigger your engine, the higher we can build your threshold pace so don't miss these out.
You can do this session on the road or on a turbo trainer, but choose a road that's as flat as possible today!

  • Warm up: 5min all zone 2
  • Then 5min gradually building to mid zone 3
  • Hold zone 3 for 40-45min. This will be tough but hang in there as this will make longer time trials or road races seem easy!
  • Warm down: 5-10min all zone 2

Stick to the zones set as much as possible at a cadence of approx 80-90rpm. Don’t worry if your heart rate goes above the zone for a short time on the hills, but try to ease back as much as possible. Stay seated most of the time to isolate your legs. Make sure you hydrate and fuel during your ride. See your 'Guide To Training' for fuel and hydration advice.

Phew that was a bit tough! Have a recovery drink today you will have used up a lot of energy from your muscles that needs replacing.