04 Oct 2012
United Kingdom

Resident of West Yorkshire, a county where they didn't discover flat til 1879 since when it has only existed for a few seconds under laboratory conditions. Sometimes I wonder why I didn't cycle a lot more when I was growing up in Lincolnshire where flat is an abundant natural resource.

  1.   How far can you ride in one day during the month of December? Achieve up to 4 individual ride distance targets for your chance to win Wiggle e-vouchers, complementary premium training plans, a...

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  2. Climb hills during the month of November. Achieve up to 4 K.O.M. climbing targets for your chance to win £100 e-vouchers, achievement badges and t-shirts.

  3. To be Velozone's Winter Best All Rounder, you will need to be ride strongly over a range of short (10 miles), middling (25 miles) and longer distances (50 miles). All riders who complete the challeng...

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