Rolf F

18 Jan 2013
  1. Enter the Spring Sportive Challenge and Cycle 40 miles with at least 750 metres (2,460 feet) of climbing. All riders who complete the distance will receive an official Finisher Certificate AND be ente...

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Comments (4)

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  1. By Rolf F 9 months ago

    Lol - so I have. The upload doesn't seem so good - it did nothing at all so I resubmitted it. Probably I need to give it half an hour to get round to finishing uploading. Brings back memories of dial up!
  2. By 1tal 9 months ago

    you've dune it again
  3. By Rolf F 10 months ago

    Taa for that - I noticed it anyway when uploading this afternoon but more by luck than anything!
  4. By 1tal 10 months ago

    You have uploaded your long ride twice.