21 Dec 2011
United Kingdom

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  1. By p crawford 6 months ago

    Hi Admin,I have loaded up 2 rides from Friday 1st Nov, both showing on my training diary but only 1 (20 miles) is showing in the Nov challange leaderboard, should both not be showing as Nov total? cheers.
  2. By cuke 8 months ago

    Hello, I participate in the monthly challenges. I just participated in the Le Tour BikeRadar challenge, but I am not sure if inputting activity manually would be considered. I don't have a "fancy" system. Mine is very basic no computer hook up to upload activities. would the information be considered. I love the challenges and I don't make up information. I input manually what I do. Thanks, Amely
  3. By manmachine 9 months ago

    Hi folks, again, just want to point out that there are still those who have uploaded rides twice, I hope this can all be checked and vetted before the KOM challenge is finalized. Thank you.
  4. By manmachine 9 months ago Seems all of these rides are uploaded twice/doubled up. Can you check please. Thank you.
  5. By lewby1 9 months ago

    Hi. How do I submit my details to you to get my prize for mtb challenge in June? Thanks
  6. By astbury40 1 year ago

    Would have made January target but my rides from 2nd and 4th vanished!! We have a mileage thief!
  7. By burner123 1 year ago

    I changed my trainer sessions for January to "turbo". Will that help with the real fast ride?
  8. By mindjudo 1 year ago

    I was asked to contact you with postal information is there an email or link to the right forum for posting that stuff?