Chris Dodd

25 Apr 2012
United Kingdom

So I started moutain biking more than a few years ago, back in 1987 on a Peugeot Alpina. After just messing about on it for a couple of years I started to race in local events, followed by a few National Point Series events.


I used to do OK, but then I went to Uni and it all sort of stopped for a while.


I am now back on the bike, after my car failed its MOT 3 years ago I thought I might as well cycle to and from work... and haven't looked back.


Just enjoying riding again and it is nice to still be doing it 25 years on.

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Comments (2)

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  1. By Chris Dodd 1 year ago

    Not quite sure how a photo of a middle aged man on a really old bike is the most viewed photo...
  2. By admin 1 year ago

    Congrats, with the No.1 most viewed phto, you have been chosen to be this weeks featured member on the Bikeradar training homepage!