Chris Bass

05 May 2012
United Kingdom

I do most of my miles in the week to and from work. I take the scenic route to work and the very scenic route home! I also go out for longer rides on the weekends (usually Saturday, Sunday is definitely the day of rest!) and since moving to the edge of Warwickshire I can usually be found cycling around the Warwickshire countryside!

I usually aim for about 300ish miles a week rain or shine!

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  1. By adrianhaywood 8 months ago

    5+ hours a day to spare for riding. I wish I had that much time to spend on the bike. Great job though, good to see someone so committed to getting out on the road! You must have a very strict routine.
  2. By cuke 10 months ago

    that is amazing. its like a pro. you've got some good stamina and vitality. Keep it up.
  3. By burner123 1 year ago

    hard to believe you are working and riding 4 times per day.