07 May 2012
United Kingdom

20 stone June 2009

Started cycling in March 2011

Trying out audaxing this year with a view to completing the London-Edingburgh-London in July,2013.

While in the gym I work on a kieser m3 bike with watts.

Average over 200 watts @ 90+rpm = 27km in an hour

Average over 250 watts @ 90+rpm = 28km in an hour

Kieser specs are 90 watts@90rpm = 27kmph but that seems like cheating having the wattage so low so thus how my hours in the gym are worked out!

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    1. By admin 1 year ago

      Congratulations – you have won a Mio Cyclo 100 bike computer in our November Challenge. Please contact BikeRadar, stating your postal address to claim your prize.